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Lt. Governor Cherry Receives Commitment from EPC to locate pilot projects in Oakland County
Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry Jr., while on an investment mission this week, secured a commitment from the Israeli company EPC Ltd. Onsite Wastewater Solutions to locate pilot projects in Oakland County. The project will help small communities deal with wastewater issues in an innovative way. The decentralized approach will help to improve water quality, reduce energy costs, and help communities with local economic development efforts. "This commitment is another step in establishing Michigan as the North American leader in water technology as part of the Green Jobs for Blue Waters initiative," Cherry said. "I am pleased to partner with Oakland County and the state of Michigan on this strategic water technology project," said Jeremy Weissman CEO of EPC. "If these pilot projects are successful, EPC will consider establishing a manufacturing plant in Michigan to help meet future demand." "Oakland County is looking forward to working with EPC to test the merits of this technology," said John McCulloch, water resources commissioner of Oakland County.
Wastewater Recycling
E.P.C. Ltd. provides products and services for onsite wastewater recycling for the protection of the environment.

E.P.C. ltd. Environmental protection company

E.P.C. Ltd. has been a leading provider of innovative, patented onsite wastewater treatment plants (OWWTP) in the cleantech market for more than 16 years. EPC systems serve commercial, public, and residential needs.

E.P.C. has proven its ability to design and manufacture superior products for the industry throughout its sixteen year history. Its products have exceeded the requirements by very significant and desirable margins. This has led to an ongoing improvement of standards and regulations, which have eliminated lesser products from the market. The company recognized the need to increase the availability of its products to the U.S. and international markets.

The Bio- Robi  is mainly used for individual residences to replace the conventional septic systems with a much better and more environmentally friendly waste water treatment system. It is very cost competitive with conventional septic systems, which face regulatory restrictions.

The Bio- Disk unit is designed for multiple residential clusters of individual homes in a subdivision, apartment complexes, condominiums, and commercial applications such as hotels, shopping malls, convenience and entertainment/recreation centers. These units are much more cost effective than alternatives such as treatment plants, which typically cost in the half million dollar range for the plant itself, plus the piping and pumping stations to enable it to service a large enough area be cost- efficient.

The outstanding performance of our innovative and advanced technology is proof of our commitment to excellence in both quality and service. Our highly professional and experienced team provides ongoing technical support, ensuring the systems run smoothly and efficiently. 
Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors including government agencies, municipalities, industry, remote communities, shopping malls, private residences, nature reserves, recreation areas, and tourist centers.

E.P.C. holds the international ISO 9001:2008 standard within the scope of activities of water purification systems, marketing, sales, installations and service, technical support and project management.

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Bio-Disk is an onsite sewage treatment plant. An ideal solution for many applications.
Bio-Robi offers a unique treatment process of domestic sewage onsite for various applications.
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