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Bio-Disk® combines smart technology with nature to protect our water sources. Our improved RBC aerobic fixed film solution efficiently treats wastewater at any site, onsite.

Bio-Disk® is a proven, effective and versatile wastewater treatment system – using only 0.1 of the energy consumed by conventional systems and can be powered by solar energy.

From resorts and small communities to large public facilities, our modular environment-friendly solution achieves high-quality effluent that is completely safe for discharge.


Where Can It Be Used?

Rural Communities
Army camps
Gas stations & Commercial centers
Industrial areas
Resorts & parks
Public facilities

Why Choose Bio-Disk?

Tried & Tested 

30 years and hundreds of installed systems that meet high-quality effluent standards.

Modular System

Scale as you grow

Energy Efficient

extremely low power consumption- can be operated by an off-grid solar system

Low O&M Costs

simple maintenance with no sludge treatment

Plug and Play

comes as package plant and easy to install

Environmentally Friendly

odor and chemical free


Package Plants

BioDisk systems are ideal for Waste treatment “Package” plants category.

The BioDisk plug and play system can be installed above/below ground level and it has

a modularity option. The combination of low OPEX and long life-span bring this system to

be a "game changer" in the onsite wastewater market.

Process Diagram

epc ltd bio disk process diagram.png
epc bio disk gif..gif


Primary Setting


Rotating Biological Contractors



Sludge Pump

Treatment Process

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