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After-Sale Support

Successfully serving a wide variety of customers

E.P.C. Ltd. has been a leading provider of innovative, patented onsite wastewater treatment plants (OWWTP) in the clean-tech market for more than 30 years.  EPC systems serve commercial, public, and residential needs, and complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards.


The outstanding performance of our innovative and advanced technology is proof of our commitment to excellence in both quality and service. Our highly professional and experienced team provides ongoing technical support, ensuring the systems run smoothly and efficiently. 


EPC has a rock-solid, 30 years field-proven record of systems reliability

and customer long-term support to achieve a 24/7 continuous

wastewater treatment process.


Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors including

government agencies, municipalities, various industries, remote

communities, shopping malls, truck stops, nature reserves,

recreation areas, and tourist centers.

Ceremony for the inauguration of the bio-disk facility

Additional services we provide are:

Biological process design, consulting and support

Regulatory services for permit approvals

Installation services including, piping, wiring, etc.

Maintenance and training 

Authorized water and wastewater sampling for quality analyses

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