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EPC's Bio-Robi® is a novel, patented environmentally-friendly solution that converts domestic sewage into clean, odorless effluent for reuse in irrigation or other applications. The Bio-Robi® process ensures high effluent quality with low operational costs.  This reliable system offers easy operation and low maintenance.


The Bio-Robi® is an ideal solution for rural, residential, and remote areas without central sewage systems.  

The Bio-Robi® units are improved and ideal replacements or upgrades for conventional septic systems.

Recently, regulations and permitting are getting stricter. EPC's Bio-Robi® units are designed for these higher standards.

Bio-robi  system

Where Can It Be Used?

Bio-Robi®'s unique purification process effectively handles sewage on a small scale.

The versatile system is especially suited for:

Private developments

Gas stations and truck stops

Residential areas

Camping grounds and trailer parks

Why Choose Bio-Robi®?

Bio-Robi® offers a simple, cost effective solution for onsite wastewater treatment that meets any local permit standards.


30 years experience with hundreds of systems worldwide


Modular system can be expanded to meet growing needs

Easy to Use

Simple installation and maintenance


Low operational costs

Environmentally Friendly

Odor and chemical free

epc bio robi
bio-robi in the desert

"Since we installed Bio-Robi®, we have not experienced one failure.

The effluent quality was far above what we requested. Our clients are happy…

they have a system they can constantly rely on with almost no maintenance, minimal sludge, and low running costs."


Friedrichshafen, Germany

Four efficient steps that convert wastewater into clean water

Bio-Robi®'s effective system leverages the power of nature coupled with smart technology to purify wastewater and transform it into clean water that can be reused or discharged.

Bio-roby process diagram

Septic Tank

RAW Sewage


Aeration tank








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