The Presence of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) in wastewater is an ever-growing concern to municipalities and solid-waste facility operators. FOG enters the sewer system from restaurants, residences, and industrial food facilities. Its release into the sewer system results in a continuous build-up that causes eventual blockage of sewer pipes.

The SFT (Super Fat Trap), is an all-around WWTP, for industrial wastewater treatment in general and for the food sector in particularly.

The SFT is a small, compact, ready to go WWTP, designed to remove:

  • Solids
  • Emulsions
  • Oils
  • fat

The FOG (Fat Oil and Grease) is collected in a separate tank for further processing as Biodiesel or biogas.



Food processing and manufacturing, caterings, hotels resorts, camping sites, shopping and commercial centers, gas stations, military camps, events centers, etc.

On board:

Primary screening, EQ tank, level switches, process pump, DAF pump, 3 dosing pump, flocculent preparation unit, pH control, PLC controller, MMI- Touch screen, and the most powerful GreeNfloat DAF.

Weather protection – for indoor or outdoor installation


Daily treatment volume – up to 100 m3

SS and fat removal     – >95%

Length                            – 3.7 m

Width                               – 1.5 m

Height                              – 2m, at the highest point


Suitable for transportation in container, and also can be housed inside a container.


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