Process description

1. The Mechanical Stage: collecting sewage inflow into first tank – The system develops un-aerobic conditions through preliminary sedimentation process. This process enables 40%-50% reduction of the BOD & TSS.

Bio-roby process

2. The Biological Stage:Treated inflow inside tank “A” gravitates to the purification tank – This stage is based on extended aeration process using long retention time. The inflow is mixed with compressed air in special static mixing chamber situated on top of the tank. As a result, the organic solids are being disintegrated into small particles which multiply its surface as well as the organic load and purify the sewage. Unlike other systems, Bio-Robi excess sludge needs to be removed only once in a few years.

3. The Clarification stage: Treated effluent flows to the final clarification tank. The remaining suspended particles sink to the bottom of the settling tank and are pumped back for additional purification. The clean, odorless effluent can be used for irrigation and other water reuse applications.

The discharged water is between 95% – 98% clean and is suitable for reuse. Water used for subsurface drip irrigation or for an absorption drainfields does not require further treatment.

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