Bio-Robi® transforms wastewater into safe and clear water

The high performance, low maintenance wastewater treatment solution for small sites. Effective, environment-friendly onsite solutions for domestic wastewater treatment – saving water and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Bio-Robi® is a novel, patented environment-friendly wastewater solution that converts domestic sewage into clean, odorless effluent for reuse in irrigation or other applications. Efficient Bio-Robi ensures minimal sludge accumulation, requiring removal only once every few years. While normal septic systems can achieve up to 60% reduction in BOD & TSS, the effluent produced by Bio-Robi is 95% – 98% clean! The reliable system offers superb ease of operation and low maintenance.

Bio-Robi’s unique purification process effectively handles sewage on small sites. The versatile system is especially suited to:

  • Family dwellings
  • Small communities
  • Government facilities
  • Gas stations and truck stops
  • Camping grounds and trailer parks

Bio-Robi is an ideal wastewater solution for rural areas or areas without central sewage systems. With Bio-Robi, there aren’t any unsafe chemicals or unpleasant odors. The system is particularly effective in regions with poor soil absorption or in water reuse areas.


Why Choose Bio-Robi?

Bio-Robi offers simple, superior solutions for onsite wastewater treatment and meets international health and safety standards.

  • Long term experience – proven system meets international standards for onsite treatment plants
  • Easy to use – simple installation and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly – odor and chemical free
  • Flexible – modular system can be expanded to meet growing needs
  • Efficient – handles from 0.1m3 – 12m3 per day (25 – 3,150 GPD)
  • Effective – minimal sludge accumulation.
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