Leading products

The two main products being offered initially are the BioRobi for individual homes (up to four/five bedrooms – 1000 gallons per day / 20m3 per day) and the BioDisk for clusters of residences up to small villages (5,000 to 300,000 gallons per day / 10 to 2000m3 per day). Additionally, the company will offer complimentary sewage handling products; other products which fit the “clean water” specialization of the Company.

Bio Robi Onsite wastewater systems for individual homes (250 – 1000 GPD). The Bio Robi units are direct replacements for conventional septic systems, recommended in the EPA new regulations. The Bio Robi units have a significant price advantage in addition to life span, maintenance, and uniformity of installation/product for monitoring purposes.

Bio Disk Onsite wastewater systems plant for clusters of residences up to small villages     (5,000 – 300,000 GPD). The Bio Disk units have a very low failure rate, extremely low operating cost, low maintenance, and can be sized to fit the application, making them cost effective even for small installations.

The Bio Robi units, like the Bio Disk unit, perform substantially better results pertaining to the strictest of U.S. regulations, and have been performing in this manner without failure for more than ten years in the more restrictive European and Israeli markets.

The company focuses on develoment, production and sales of a range of onsite wastewater treatment plants based on a full biological process. Company products are based on its proprietary process for air-positive biological reduction: The specific ” Bio Robi” invention relates to a mixing chamber which is added to a continuous, repetitive flow, suspended aerobic growth onsite wastewater treatment apparatus which enable better absorption of the oxygen by the water, and a failure notification system, for use in residential and small commercial applications



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