Solutions and capabilities

Operation and Maintenance

EPC has over 25 years of experience all over the country – providing 24/7 response and solutions according to customer’s needs. Our professional team will make sure the plants are working ideally and will give an high effluent quality as required by the authorities. EPC O&M vision is preventative maintenance that provide to our clients low expenses in the long term. Among our services are:
• Design-built projects.
• Operation and maintenance.
• Process consulting and solutions.
• Engineering and Permitting.
• Wastewater sampling.

Tried and Tested

we designed and built hundreds of systems in various locations such as small communities, single family dwellings, commercial centers, resorts, hotels, campgrounds and parks.

Highly Experienced Lead Team

Our technical team has personal and professional reliability that gives an high-level services We are involved in each stage of the project, from design and permitting ,equipment installation, to continuous support and professional service, that assure simple operation of the plant.

Monitoring and Control

EPC provide state-of-the-art monitoring and control technology that enables our customers to receive on-line data and alerts via SCADA technology, which provides a complete HMI interface (software and service). In addition, all DATA is entered into a database, which enables constant improvement by data analysis (predictive maintenance, statistical evaluation, and measurements to maximize reliability) that helps us to maintain effluent quality and save our customers money.

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