Onsite Wastewater Solutions

The Beit Arie Ofarim Regional Council

The Beit Arie Ofarim regional council started to build a wastewater treatment plant in 2000. For some reason the construction was stopped and only a concrete skeleton with a few containers were left. In 2007 it was decided to complete the plant. After evaluating several alternatives the E.P.C. Bio-disk was chosen.

The facility was installed within a few months and it fully satisfies the local design needs and the treated water quality.


The Bio-disk wastewater treatment facility for the Bet Arie Ofarim regional council


Customer: Beit Arie Ofarim
Installation date: 2009
m3 per day: 540
Power consumption for the biological process: 0.15

Celebration of launching the Bio-disk wastewater treatment facility in the Beit Arie Ofarim regional council

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