Onsite Wastewater Solutions

Onsite Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater treatment in isolated areas and in small communities poses a serious environmental and operational challenge because the infrastructure for wastewater collection and distribution require significant capital investment and maintenance.

For these reasons, a standalone onsite wastewater treatment plants units are preferable, as they are designed to handle efficiently relatively small daily flow rates of sewage, without the hassle of executing complicated and expensive construction projects.

EPC has a wide range of solutions for this problem, resulting in high quality effluent with proven minimal operational and maintenance cost. Both the initial construction, and the ongoing operation or, if needed, the upgrading of the plant, are relatively simple and rapid processes.

Decentralized Applications

  • Communities
  • Parks and Camping grounds
  • Commercial centers
  • Resorts Hotels & motels
  • Truck stops
  • Army camps
  • Industrial areas
  • Family dwellings

E.P.C. has proven its ability to design and manufacture superior products for the industry more than 25 years. Its products have exceeded the requirements by very significant and desirable margins. This has led to an ongoing improvement of standards and regulations, which have eliminated lesser products from the market. The company recognized the need to increase the availability of its products to the U.S. and international markets.

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